The media tried to fact-check the Democratic debate… and struggled to find any problems

NBC News

The first primary Democratic debate last night was a big distinct disappointment for one group of journalists: fact checkers.

Whereas they have been working full time to tackle Trump, for e.g. one recent analysis found Trump lies more than people wash their hands every day, they struggled with Democrats last night.

A CNN analysis of claims made last night found barely any mistakes.

It took issue with two claims by Ohio Rep. Tim Ryan:

Ohio Rep. Tim Ryan claimed that “the top 1% control 90% of the wealth.”
Facts First: This is incorrect. Recent studies show the wealthiest 1% own around 39% of the country’s total wealth.


Ohio Rep. Tim Ryan claimed that “the bottom 60% haven’t seen a raise since 1980.”
Facts First: This is incorrect. The bottom 60% have seen their income rise since 1980.

The New York Times fact-checkers also found a couple of exaggerations, including those by Tim Ryan, but no lies.

Meanwhile, the NYT has a whole section dedicated to all the lies by Trump.


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