Brett Kavanaugh wants to make it even easier for gunmen to obtain assault rifles

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Two gunmen — in El Paso, TX and Dayton, OH — killed a total of 29 people and injured more than 50, each in a matter of seconds or minutes.

Their weapon of choice was an assault rifle, a device whose primary purpose is to kill a lot of people as rapidly as possible.

Yet ThinkProgress’s Ian Millhiser warns that Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh wants to give constitutional protection to both assault rifles and high-capacity magazines and he probably “has the five votes he needs to make this happen.”

The problem is that Kavanaugh — a very pro-gun justice — replaced Anthony M. Kennedy, who was much more of a moderate on the issue. Millhiser warns:

There’s virtually no doubt that Kavanaugh is eager to expand the Second Amendment, and little doubt that the Supreme Court is now in much more of a hurry to hear big guns’ cases than it was when Kennedy was still on the bench. Many future gunmen may soon enjoy broad rights to purchase the kinds of weapons used to commit mass murder in El Paso and Dayton.

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