Flying shame: New tool reveals exactly how much your air travel melts Arctic ice

  • 08/11/2019 3:14 pm ET

Photo: Pxhere

As air travel globally explodes, with passengers expected to double over the next two decades, there are huge environmental consequences. But those real-life consequences, connected to individual action, have always been a little fuzzy to the general population.

Now, though, there’s a real-tech way to calculate exactly for every flight how much carbon dioxide is emitted and how much Arctic ice will melt as a result.

Launched by Swedish digital designer Victor Muller, with developer Dennis Martensson, Shame Plane helps travelers understand the direct impact of air travel.

Just enter your departure city and destination, and out pops the exact carbon emissions of that flight, as well as how much Arctic ice would melt as a result.

The site also compares the flight’s emissions to individual actions you can take—like giving up car transportation, meat, and using LED bulbs.

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