Republican congressman silent as constituent urges shooting immigrants

Dr. Ralph Abraham at Vision Christian Center. Via @DocAbraham

Another week, another conservative Republican who fails to denounce a call for violence by one of his constituents.

Even worse, this time the congressman who remained silent was a doctor — sworn to save lives and do no harm — Rep. Ralph Abraham (R-LA). who is also running for governor of Louisiana this year.

The congressman, who goes by the twitter handle @DocAbraham, was speaking at a meeting of the extremist “Acadiana Patriots” Thursday when one of the members began ranting against immigrants and pro-immigrant members of Congress.

“I think some of these people, whoever they are, ought to be shot,” said the man.

American Bridge 21st Century, a progressive research group that posted the audio of the encounter, tweeted, “This kind of violent rhetoric has absolutely NO place in our politics and it’s disgusting that @DocAbraham didn’t have the courage to call this out.”

It is not entirely clear from the audio whether the man wanted to shoot the lawmakers or the immigrants.

But what is clear is that Doc Abraham did not call the man out for his violent rhetoric — and that Abraham focused on the man’s comments on immigrants.

“Let me jump in here,” said the congressman who would be governor. “Many of those apprehended are not Hispanic, they are Chinese, Pakistani, Indian.”

As Think Progress noted, following the 2017 violent white nationalist attacks in Charlottesville, Virginia, Abraham tweeted  “I – like most of LA – reject violence & racism. Let’s not group ppl based on bad actions of a few. David Duke doesn’t speak for Louisiana.”

Louisiana voters will have the chance to decide soon whether Doc Abraham speaks for them.

More at ThinkProgress.

-Joseph Romm

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