Israel denies entry to Reps Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib after Trump’s call to block them

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On Thursday, Trump publically stated that Israel should not allow two US Representatives into their country, calling it “a disgrace.” Unfortunately, Israel agreed with Trump’s assessment and has officially denied entry to the two Congresswomen.


Israeli diplomats had a very different outlook on the situation:

“It won’t damage our image, it will cause actual damage to our relations with the Democrats. Everyone understands that Democrats will return to power at some point, and this will be a decision that the party won’t forget.”


Sen Elizabeth Warren agreed with the Israeli diplomats, and she recommended Israel to allow the two Congresswomen, Rep Omar and Rep Tlaib, to visit as planned:

Warren was just one voice among many urging Israel’s Prime Minister to disregard Trump’s statements and side with diplomacy. Rep Dean Philips was quoted as saying, “barring any member of the United States Congress from entering Israel would set a damaging precedent.”

Rep Justin Amash urged Israel’s leader to “stand up to” Trump:

None of those pleas were enough to sway Israel’s leader, however.

Prime Minister Netanyahu defended his decision that barred Rep Omar and Rep Tlaib from the country saying:

‘We won’t allow those who deny our right to exist in this world to enter Israel. In principle, this is a very justified decision.”

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