Lindsey Graham is ready to throw away the Constitution and elect Trump for a 3rd term



Lindsey “Rule of Law” Graham just tweeted about Trump serving a third term:


Yep, you read that right. A US Senator just “joked” about the President serving an unconstitutional third term, and this is the second time he’s done it.

The first was back in June, after a Democratic Debate:


Comments like these are being brushed off, but perhaps people should start paying more attention. These “jokes” have popped up over and over again during Trump’s time in the White House, and the president has even gone so far as to say he agrees with China’s President Xi Jinping being elected for life:

“He’s now president for life. President for life. No, he’s great. And look, he was able to do that. I think it’s great. Maybe we’ll have to give that a shot some day.”

That comment was made in 2018, but it wasn’t the last time Trump tossed out the idea of him serving more than the constitutionally allotted terms. In May of this year, he spoke about serving five terms at one of his campaign rallies:

— Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) May 20, 2019


Then in June, he tweeted about his people demanding that he “stay longer”:


And a couple of days later, he shared this video:


Similar comments came up at a manufacturing speech in Pennsylvania, where he talked about a third term and fourth term driving the press crazy, and those same sentiments came up again in a speech for the Wounded Warrior Project where he was quoted as saying:

“I was going to joke, General, and say at least for 10 or 14 years, but we would cause bedlam if I sad that, so we’ll say six.”

How many times are these “jokes” going to be made before everyone starts taking them seriously?

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