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Trump says he won’t meet NATO ally Denmark because they won’t sell Greenland

Trump won't meet Denmark, our NATO ally, because they won't sell Greenland to him

Last week news broke that President Trump had floated the idea of buying the whole of Greenland, an autonomous state that is part of Denmark, from the Scandinavian country.

Denmark unsurprisingly did not take it seriously and dismissed it as an “absurd” idea.

Trump then joked about and said buying Greenland wasn’t a priority anyway.

But it seems the rejection really hurt our poor President.

This morning the President announced that he had canceled an upcoming trip to Denmark over the Greenland kerfuffle.

Keep in mind that Denmark is a NATO ally and has a strong voice in the European Union.

The trip, set to begin at the end of August, included a stop in Poland to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the start of World War II.

Its not clear if Trump will cancel the whole trip over this latest tantrum.

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