Trump’s new press secretary has 2 DUI arrests, was fired for plagiarism and cheating on expenses

Profile shot of Stephanie Grisham


UPDATE 1-11-20: “In six months as press secretary, Ms. Grisham has held zero briefings for reporters,” the NY Times reported Friday in a story about “Trump’s Press Secretary Who Doesn’t Meet the Press.”

Stephanie Grisham took over as White House press secretary in August after Sarah Huckabee Sanders stepped down.

But Grisham’s past contains multiple red flags, which would render her toxic as a press secretary for anyone else.

The current press secretary has two DUI’s on her record — including one while she was working on Trump’s election campaign!

In 2013, she was arrested for driving under the influence, driving with an invalid license, and speeding. Although, those charges were reduced to a single reckless driving charge.

The second DUI came in 2015. She pled guilty to that DUI offense. Grisham says that the administration is aware of her past and that she “complied with all sanctions and disclosed both episodes to the White House.”

Drunken driving isn’t the only shady area in Grisham’s past, however. According to the New York Times, the current White House press secretary was let go from a job at AAA Arizona due to filing false expense reports and travel claims.

The Times notes, “Ms. Grisham lost a subsequent job after an accusation of plagiarism.”

Since accepting her position as White House press secretary, Grisham hasn’t really had much interaction with the press. There haven’t been any press briefings at all, and she has done very little in the way of talking to reporters.

While being interviewed on “America This Week,” Grisham was asked about the lack of briefings. She claims she is still getting into the swing of things:

“I’m getting up to speed on policy. There’s a lot of work being done behind the scenes. It’s not all about a press briefing. And honestly, the president is his best spokesperson.”

Her interviewer, Eric Bolling formerly of FOX News, reminded her that Trump “could use a little help.”

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