Why Trump might be panicking about suburban women

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The Trump campaign is out to get the votes of suburban women. In fact, they just launched a major push to try and mobilize this specific group of American voters all across the country.

“From coast-to-coast we will mobilize and organize to reelect President Trump and give him another four years in the White House.”

Trump is likely worried about how quickly he is losing support in this demographic. While a large number of suburban women voted for him in 2016, they also were a huge factor in flipping the House to the Democrats in the 2018 election.

Even states like Texas that have historically been Republican strongholds appear to be shifting from red to purple.

Recent Republican polls found that Trump has plenty of reasons to be concerned about his support from the white suburban female demographic:

  • 90% supported universal background checks
  • 76% were in favor of an assault weapons ban

Both of which Trump has already abandoned, but more than half of those surveyed don’t care much for his other policies either:

  • 65% claimed the country was headed in the wrong direction
  • 61% said they disapprove of Trump

The Trump administration has been using the economy as its battle cry, but it appears that isn’t the top concern for the suburban sector. Gun safety was top of the list for most of the women surveyed with health care and immigration as the other biggest concerns.

Kayleigh McEnany, a campaign spokesperson, doesn’t seem too worried about these percentages because she believes that MAGA Women don’t talk to pollsters.

The big push to win the suburban vote undermines McEnany’s words, but transparency has never been the Trump administration’s strong suit.

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