Kremlin zings Trump for Melania’s loving gaze at Justin Trudeau

There have been a lot of photos coming out of the G7 summit, but there was one in particular that set the internet afire: First Lady Melania Trump greeting Prime Minister Trudeau with a kiss.

Even the Kremlin-controlled propaganda outlet, Russia Today, pounced with a tweet — “Everyone should find someone who looks at them the way Melania looks at Justin #Trudeau — and a post, Art of the steal? ‘Lusty’ look between Trudeau and Melania gets Twitter hot and bothered (PHOTOS)”

So this is how they repay President Trump’s loyalty to Putin. There is no honor among ….

Here are some more hilarious tweets.

Melania looking “thirsty” for Justin Trudeau reminded people of another Trump gazing longingly at the Canadian Prime Minister. Two years ago, Ivanka only had eyes for Justin too:

Although, one Twitter user pointed out that the Trump women aren’t the only ones to stare at PM Trudeau with loving eyes:

More at The Guardian.

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