Democrat Amy McGrath blasts Mitch McConnell in emotional new campaign ad


Amy McGrath is coming for Mitch McConnell (R-KY), and she isn’t pulling her punches. McGrath is seeking the Democratic nomination for Senator of Kentucky.

In her new campaign ad, the former fighter pilot showcases a Kentucky coal miner explaining how little McConnell has accomplished for miner, “Ten hours on a bus and we got to see him for all of one minute.”


All of the miners made the trek to D.C. in order to spur McConnell into protecting the Black Lung Disability Trust Fund. This fund is maintained by the coal companies, and it requires them to set aside money to support miners who are afflicted with the disease.

In 1977, it was decided that the companies would have to contribute $1.10 for every ton of coal that was mined, but McConnell and the rest of Congress failed to take any action this year, and now the fund has reverted back to the old rate or 55 cents per ton.

McConnell claimed that he was “working closely” with the Kentucky coal miners, but as the campaign ad shows, he met with them for just a moment before moving on to other things.

One coal miner, Collin Cornette, has this to say about the lack of acknowledgment from McConnell:

Whenever you call McConnell’s office he can’t talk to you. To my knowledge, he has not even made a statement. He’s not pro-coal, I don’t even think he’s pro-Kentucky.

McGrath states in her ad, “in the Marines, I learned to leave no one behind,” which may sound like a winning approach to all of the Kentucky coal miners who are feeling abandoned by McConnell’s inattention.

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