Trump warns supporters Fox News ‘isn’t working for us anymore’ and ‘to start looking for a new News Outlet’

08/28/2019 4:42 pm ET Dara Brewton
Trump warns supporters Fox 'isn't working for us anymore' and to "start looking for a new News Outlet"

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An angry Trump just told his supporters to boycott Fox News!

Of course, Fox News has often been called out by independent journalists and others for the way that it has handled the Trump presidency. Many people have even liken it to “state TV.”

But in recent days, Trump has gotten angrier and angrier with the way things are going at the network.

So in a Wednesday morning tweet outburst, he warned his followers that Fox wasn’t “working for us anymore” and that it was time to “start looking for a new News Outlet”:

While the network didn’t release an official response to Trump’s words, a few of the news personalities, like Brit Hume, responded on Twitter:

Trump’s breakup with Fox News started early last week when he was upset by a Fox Poll that showed him losing the presidential election to a few of the Democratic contenders. At that time, he claimed that Fox was making a “big mistake” and even threatened to punish Fox if they didn’t start fabricating better poll numbers for him.

The final straw Trump was apparently Fox’s audacity in interviewing the communications director for the Democratic National Committee. The interview caused him to accuse Fox of “heavily promoting the Democrats”:

Boycott Fox News? That’s one of the rare things we can agree with Trump on.

More at The Hill and Washington Post.

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