Trump cashes in by making Pence stay at his Irish golf resort 140 miles from VP’s meetings in Dublin

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VP Mike Pence arrived in Ireland on Monday evening to attend meetings with officials in Dublin, but instead of staying in the capital city, he opted for the Trump-owned property 140 miles away.

Pence will be staying at the Doonbeg hotel for the duration of his stay in the country, the same property Trump used during his visit in July. The Vice President’s choice of hotel was reportedly made so that he could eat at the restaurant of a distant relative, but Pence’s chief of staff said the “suggestion” came from Trump:

The stay in Doonbeg will require the Vice President to fly in Air Force Two from the western coast of Ireland to the eastern coast in order to make his meetings on Tuesday, and then he will have to fly back again once they are complete.

A Washington D.C. watchdog group, Citizens for Ethics, had this to say about the hotel choice:

“While the president is making appearances at his Virginia golf club, the vice president is making appearances at his Ireland golf club. Because the priority is always making Trump money.”

Since taking over the Oval Office, Trump has repeatedly stayed in his own properties, using taxpayer money to pay for roughly 300 nights at his own golf clubs and international hotels. And now it appears that he “suggests” Pence do the same. In fact, in 2018, the VP attended or hosted events at Trump properties at least nine times.


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