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Trump Twitter feuds with actress while East Coast prepares for Dorian

09/03/2019 9:43 pm ET

Trump Twitter-fueding with actress while the East Coast prepares for hurricane

When the Hollywood Reporter announced that the President would be attending a Sept 17th fundraiser as part of his reelection campaign, actress Debra Messing of Will & Grace fame asked that the names of the attendees be printed:

Trump didn’t appreciate Messing’s request and took the time out of his busy day to respond with a Tweet reminiscing about a time when the actress called him “sir”:

Messing used the opportunity to remind the President that the country was still reeling from yet another mass shooting in Texas:

And reminding others that a category 5 hurricane was on a collision course with the east coast:

Other Twitter users joined Messing in pointing out how ludicrous it was that the POTUS spent his days tweeting snark and golfing instead of leading a country in turmoil: