Water-Gate: Desperate to prove he was right on Dorian, Trump keeps illegally drawing fake lines over maps

It all started with President Trump claiming on Twitter that Hurricane Dorian was also coming for Alabama.

But after scientists pointed out this was incorrect, the President didn’t move on or even admit to his mistake.

Trump has gone out of his way to doctor maps to show he was right — which turns out to be illegal. As one weather journalist tweeted, “it is a violation of federal law to falsify a National Weather Service forecast and pass it off as official.”

And he has done this doctoring in such an amateurish way that he has become the subject of Internet memes and late night comics’ mockery.

Watch this play in 4 acts.

1) On Sunday Trump tweets this:

2) The National Weather Service tweeted a correction:


3) A few days later President Trump still could not get over the slight.

So he brings out a map in the Oval Office in which a pen has been used to draw a fake line by sharpie to include Alabama.

4) That still isn’t the end of it! Yesterday Trump tweeted out another picture to support his claims, with more fake lines added to a map.

Those added black lines look obviously fake and added. Even a child could see they were added later, like a late homework.

Here is the original and correct map that the President Trump did not tweet out (via Mother Jones)

Last night comedian Seth Myers also covered the issue with his customary hilarity.

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