Trump blocked Bahamians from traveling to the US just after Hurricane Dorian destroyed their homes

Normally, Bahamians can travel visa-free to the U.S., with their passport and a printout of a clean police record.

Last night the government changed the rule without warning, leaving hundreds of Bahamians stranded, just as many had planned to stay with family in America after Hurricane Dorian destroyed their homes.

Early Sunday morning, on a ferry from Freeport to Florida, an announcement was made that any Bahamian without a visa must now get off. Of course Bahamians don’t normally need a visa so they would not have applied for one.

And even if they wanted a visa they couldn’t get one. The U.S. embassy in the Bahamas now says: “Responses to routine inquiries are currently suspended.”

It turns out a rule change was made just after Hurricane Dorian devastated the island.

“The US has facilities at Nassau and Freeport airports to process Bahamians without visas, and has for years. Since the hurricane, that program has been expanded to cover ferries as well. The policy was revoked without warning tonight,” tweeted historian Angus Johnston.

Now many can’t even leave the island because the harbor doors have been closed off too.


It’s bad enough that the Bahamas has been so devastated that its people can’t even get basic supplies. Now Trump has just made it very hard for them to get off the island too.

UPDATE: Here is the full reported story from the journalist who broke it:

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