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‘Yes, they are villains’: Democrats to target Trump, Kavanaugh and Moscow Mitch in 2020

09/16/2019 5:55 pm ET

The 3 villains of Democrats' 2020 plan

The 2020 election season is rolling full steam ahead, but just like in any good bedtime story, three villains have emerged out of the GOP ether.

Democrats have one for each branch of the government, Axios reports.

Trump casts his shadow from the executive branch while Moscow Mitch McConnell schemes from the Senate floor. Then there’s Brett Kavanaugh, shrouded in his judge’s robes in the Supreme Court.

This nefarious trio symbolizes everything that is wrong with the Republican party.

Trump spews racist rhetoric while lying to the American people on a regular basis. McConnell disregards the safety of our democracy and invites Russian oligarchs into his home state. Kavanaugh is the poster boy of white male entitlement. 

While House Speaker Pelosi sets her sights on McConnell:

Many prominent Democrats are calling for Kavanaugh’s removal:

While ousting Trump from the Oval Office is at the top of everyone’s to-do list: