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Trump’s disastrous trade war with China has made our farmers dependent on government payments

09/23/2019 10:09 am ET Sunny Hundal


Since President Trump’s trade war with China has turned into a full-blown crisis for farmers, it has cost American taxpayers $28 billion in direct aid for farmers.

Analysis by Bloomberg found that farmers will receive $19.5 billion in direct government aid this year alone, according to the latest USDA projections. On top of that is an extra $10.5 billion in federally subsidized crop insurance payments they will receive this year.

That is more than twice as much money as President Obama spent in 2009 when he bailed out Detroit’s Big Three automakers, which cost taxpayers $12 billion. That money was paid back. This won’t be.

In fact, American agriculture has largely been a success story, and one of the few industries that consistently ran a trade surplus with China. China bought over $12 billion of American produce in 2017 alone, according to U.S. Department of Agriculture. Now, much of that has dried up as Chinese buyers have looked elsewhere for suppliers.

As Bloomberg explains, “Farmers caught in the trade war have become dependent on government payments.”

The trade war has hit Trump’s support in rural America.

According to a poll from Farm Journal, Trump lost nearly 10 points in support from farmers since July this year.

The President’s fall in popularity has been more marked in big agricultural states.

According to a recent poll, his approval rating in Iowa has dropped by 18 points since he took office.

His approval rating in Wisconsin has dropped by 19 points.

In Michigan it has dropped by 21-points since he took office.

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