New Yorkers are ridiculing ‘Crazy Rudy’ with this hilarious ad on the subway

  • 10/02/2019 10:31 am ET Sunny Hundal

Twitter: Zack Fink

This hilarious “Crazy Rudy” ad has popped up on the New York subway.

Rudy Giuliani’s incessant and increasingly contradictory appearances on cable news have sparked a hilarious new ad on the New York City subway system.

One GOP Senator even told reporters last week: “Rudy’s saying a lot of things and I’m not sure he’s helping the president by being on TV every 15 minutes.”

The ad, spotted on the NYC subway by Zack Fink asked:


Call the phone number and it leads to a belligerent voicemail:

“You have called the law offices of crazy Rudy! We specialize in back channel deals, cable news appearances and will work when drunk!”

The banner ad also features a mug of Giuliani and a link to ‘

The website has a page showing the available services the “crazy” lawyer can provide.

This hilarious 'Crazy Rudy' ad has popped up on the New York subway

Some are speculating that the pranksters people behind the Guliani ad also ran the fake Fox News ads earlier.

Either way, someone is having a lot of fun at Crazy Rudy’s expense!

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