‘Selling snake oil’: Ex Fox News senior reporter slams Sean Hannity and Fox’s other opinion hosts

  • 10/07/2019 4:57 pm ET Dara Brewton
‘Selling snake oil’: ex Fox News senior reporter slams Sean Hannity and Fox’s other opinion hosts

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Fox News correspondent Geraldo Rivera claims Sean Hannity is what is standing between Trump and impeachment.

Former Fox News chief political correspondent, Carl Cameron — who is now chief political correspondent for FrontPageLive.com — names this so-called protection for what it really is “snake oil”:

“The right-wing opinion hosts are essentially selling snake oil and clickbait with nonsense to support the president.”

Politico reports, Hannity is currently the top-rated host at Fox, and he is a major voice in the conservative media world. He is known for defending the president, no matter his actions, as well as fueling conspiracy theories.

There are many who think if Fox was more fair-minded in their coverage of impeachment and allowed dissenting voices to be heard, it could have a dramatic effect on the way Republicans respond to the inquiry.

Republican presidential hopeful Joe Walsh absolutely believes in the power of Fox:

“They don’t fear Trump. They fear his voters. They know his voters digest Fox News ever day, so they toe the line with what Fox News is doing [and] put out crap about the ‘deep state’ and all this other stuff they really don’t believe in.”

Carl Cameron has praised anchors that stand up for truth such as Shep Smith, Bret Baier, and Chris Wallace. He says that they are “constantly battling the falsehoods that the right-wing opinion hosts are throwing out there.”

Trump is aggressive in his push back of anything he perceives as a slight coming from Fox News. A fact that is easily evidenced by his Twitter response to Fox Host Ed Henry asking whether what took place during the Ukraine call was legal. Trump went on a retweeting spree, boosting tweets that disparaged Henry, including one from a parody account that replaces “Trump” with “shark”:

Cameron and Walsh aren’t the only ones that are calling out Fox for delivering “snake oil.” MSNBC panelist Rick Wilson echos the sentiment, “Shep Smith and Chris Wallace must be pretty lonely over at Fox these days, because the rest of the network is blasting out deep state conspiracy theory propaganda 24/7 right now.”



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