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Compare our Golfer-in-Chief to Jimmy Carter who works for Habitat for Humanity despite 14 stitches

10/08/2019 2:12 pm ET Dara Brewton
Jimmy is back! Republicans have tried many times to count President Carter out, and they have never been right. 1

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When it comes to work ethic, former President Jimmy Carter puts most people to shame-doubly so our current Golfer-in-Chief.

Carter may have injured himself in a fall over the weekend, but that didn’t stop him from strapping on his tool belt and heading to work Monday morning.

The 95-year-old has been building homes with Habitat for Humanity with his wife, Rosalyn, for 35 years. He doesn’t let things like stitches or even broken hips hold him back.

Just a few months after breaking his hip, Carter and his wife Rosalynn were out building the 21 homes for needy families that Habitat planned in Nashville, Tennessee.

At that time, a spokesperson said this about Carter:

“There have been many times when people have tried to count President Carter out, and they have never been right. We are excited that they will both [be] back.”

It appears that nothing will keep him away from his passion of helping people. The former first couple has worked with over 100k volunteers and helped to build and repair more than 4,300 homes in 14 different countries.

In every way, Carter is the antithesis of the lazy golfer in chief currently running the country. (To date, he’s made 221 visits to golf courses since becoming elected with three trips to his Potomac Falls course since the impeachment inquiry was launched.)

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