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Trump proves he is Putin’s stooge in latest betrayal of Kurds

10/11/2019 1:30 pm ET Dara Brewton
Trump joins with Putin in blocking UN Security Council statement opposing Turkey’s attack on our Kurdish allies

Source: Kremlin

The U.N. Security Council had a closed-door meeting on Thursday to discuss Turkey’s invasion into Syria. Two countries refused to approve the drafted statement condemning Turkey’s actions—Russia and the United States.

The meeting was called by five council members from Europe: France, Germany, Belgium, and Poland. A joint statement was created which asked Erdogan “to cease the unilateral military action”, the Daily Sabah reports.

Russia’s reasoning for not approving the statement came from U.N. Ambassador Vassily Nebenzia who cited lack of addressing broader issues, like foreign forces being in Syria, as the problem.

The U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Kelly Craft claimed the refusal to endorse the statement was because Trump has already made his feelings “abundantly clear”. Craft also stresses that Turkey bears the “full responsibility” of protecting the Kurds and a “failure to do so will have consequences.”

But America should protect our own allies. So once again, Trump is failing our Kurdish allies.

While Trump is busy blustering about how tough he plans to be against Turkey, he is actually leaving the Syrian Democratic Forces to fend for themselves. Putin, of course, gains, whenever U.S. allies are abandoned — especially in Syria, where the Kurds may be forced into a deal with the Syrian government, which is closely allied with Russia.

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