‘Ashamed’: US troops blast Trump’s ‘betrayal’ of our Kurdish allies

  • 10/15/2019 4:27 pm ET Dara Brewton

US military personnel and defense officials are expressing anger and dismay at the way the Trump administration is handling the situation in Syria.

The failure of the administration to support the Kurds who have been U.S. allies in the fight against ISIS has many calling Trump’s decision a betrayal. One senior U.S. defense official spoke of the Turkish advancement into the country with CNN saying the Syrian Democratic Forces “are fighting a force that intends to eliminate their people because we green lighted their operation.”

Vice President Mike Pence spoke to reporters at the White House where he discussed Trump’s call with Turkish President Erdogan. Pence claims that Trump was “direct” and made it clear that “the United States of America wants Turkey to stop the invasion.”

Pence also said that Trump offered to mediate discussions between Erdogan and the Syrian Defense Forces and that he would be sending Pence to Turkey to lead a delegation in the “immediate future.”

Critics are calling Trump’s big words “too little, too late” because it will be near impossible to monitor and enforce a Turkish ceasefire now that US troops have been withdrawn from the area.

American soldiers “feel sick” about the abandonment of people who stood and fought beside them. They think it is disgraceful:

Secretary of the Army Ryan McCarthy addressed the discontent on Monday:

“I like candor. It’s important to have that. Obviously, you don’t want to have disobedience, but you, it’s definitely, they have to have opinions. Everybody has opinions, you have a war of ideas, but ultimately that they, when national policy decisions are made, we salute and move out.”

Even Trump’s staunch supporters disagree with his methods. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) called the decision “the biggest mistake of his presidency.” Graham even went so far as to join with Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) to discuss congressional action:

“Adversity makes strange bedfellows.”

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