‘I wouldn’t vote for Trump again’ if he walked on water—former GOP county chair

'I wouldn't vote for Trump again' if he walked on water—Ohio farmer and ex-Republican official

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Chris Gibbs, a soybean and corn farmer, was among millions of Ohio voters who delivered the state for him in 2016. And as a former chair of the Shelby County Republican Party, he was even more committed to the GOP leader.

But not anymore.

The farmer has given up on Trump’s outlandish claims that rarely come to fruition. He told CNBC on Monday that Trump’s trade war with China had devastated his business and every new claim that the business would come back led nowhere.

“He’s done that before. Somebody has to speak truth to power a little bit,” Gibbs said. “And I hate to be a downer on this all the time, but somebody has to be practical.”

His family own and owns and operate 560 acres of farmland in Ohio. He said that Trump’s promise that China was about to spend $40 billion to $50 billion on agricultural buys was “dubious.”

“He could come up with this $50 billion, he could walk across my pond and not get wet, and I’m still not going to vote for him because, you know, at the end of the day my name is Chris Gibbs, it’s not Judas, and I’m not going to sell my political moorings for 30 pieces of silver.”

Last week the stock market was buoyed by news that Trump may be reaching an agreement with China over the trade war. But no specific agreement had been reached.

By Monday the markets took a dive as more investors realized those claims may have just been hot air.


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