This freshman Democrat drives conservatives crazy

  • 10/19/2019 3:18 pm ET Dara Brewton
5 Times Freshman Rep Katie Porter was a straight up boss

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Freshman Representative Katie Porter (D-CA) may not get as much attention as “The Squad” but that doesn’t mean she isn’t shaking things up with her boss moves in Washington.

Porter has the credentials to back up the strength she shows in the committee hearings. She studied under Sen Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) at Harvard, she wrote a textbook, and was a law professor before she made the move to Washington as the first Democrat in history to be elected to California’s 45th district.

Now that she’s there, she can’t seem to quit going viral.

Videos of Porter eviscerating her opponents with ease circulate widely every time one hits social media. Her no-nonsense attitude and incisive mind have crumbled the likes of Ben Carson and the CEO of J.P Morgan. Yet, she is still finding time to help Americans believe in democracy:

“I believe that every American can understand the difference between a man making $31 million a year, and a worker making $16.50 an hour. Part of how I think about my job is: How can I make this visible to people and convince them that this is absolutely not only in their capacity to engage these issues, but as believers in democracy—as little d democratic citizens—that I need them to engage in these issues, or corporate special interests will continue to get away with doing what they’ve been doing?”

Want to see her in action? Watch these videos where she shows exactly why she was the right person for voters in California.

Feb 2019: Porter uses a brilliant line of questioning to expose the hypocrisy of Equifax’s defense in regards to the data breach: 


March 2019: Porter stumps the director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau by asking her to calculate an APR:


April 2019: Porter schools JP Morgan’s CEO Jamie Dimon on what it looks like to live on the low wages his company pays its junior employees, while his own salary sits at $31 million:


May 2019: The famous “Oreo” video where Porter had to teach the Secretary of Housing and Development the real estate term “REO”:


June 2019: Porter confronts Trump’s Assistant Director of Innovation at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau about having worked for an anti-LGBTQ hate group:


Yet, Rep. Porter isn’t just calling people out in committee hearings. She is also putting in the work. She created a bill called the Stronger Enforcement of Civil Penalties Act of 2019 that she hopes will protect American investors. She explains on Twitter:

The newly elected Democratic women, like Rep. Porter, are a sorely needed breath of fresh air in Washington.


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