Trump finally tops his predecessors—far more Americans want him impeached than they did Obama, Bush or Clinton

  • 10/22/2019 1:56 pm ET Sunny Hundal

POLL: Americans support the impeachment inquiry into Trump

President Trump can finally and honestly say he is winning over his predecessors in one area: voter support for his Impeachment.

A new CNN survey of the American public out today found support for impeaching *and* removing Trump has risen drastically since May:

May 2019: 41% for Impeachment, 54% against
Oct 2019: 50% for Impeachment, 43% against

What’s more astonishing is that support for Trump’s impeachment is higher than it was for the country’s most recent former Presidents.

Support for impeachment:

Bill Clinton: 29%
George W Bush: 30%
Barack Obama: 33%
Donald Trump: 50%

Trump is winning! He isn’t lying about that now!

Here is the complete breakdown:

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