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‘Most impeachable offense in history’: Legal expert says Trump guilty of extortion and ‘stealing taxpayers money’

10/24/2019 12:56 pm ET Sunny Hundal
Legal scholar: Democrats don't have a 'smoking gun' against Trump, they have a 'smoking howitzer'

Screenshot / CNN

An influential legal scholar told CNN’s Anderson Cooper Wednesday night that the evidence Democrats had already accumulated against President Trump in the Impeachment investigation amounts not to a ‘smoking gun’ but to a ‘smoking Howitzer’.

Harvard Law professor Laurence Tribe said

“This is just the most transparently clear abuse of power and an impeachable offense that I can remember in the history of the United States and I studied it pretty thoroughly.”

“This makes the Nixon situation looks silly by comparison, this is way more serious.”

It came after the top US diplomat in Ukraine, Bill Taylor, shredded President Trump’s defense against Impeachment charges on Tuesday.

He unequivocally said the President had told the Ukranian government he would withhold military aid until they opened a baseless investigation into his rival Joe Biden.


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