Trump’s lawyer is so in over his head, he needs his own lawyer too

  • 10/24/2019 11:10 am ET Sunny Hundal
Rudy Giuliani keeps digging a deeper hole: says he wasn't working alone

Screenshot: MSNBC

The President’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, is looking for legal representation. That makes Giuliani the second lawyer for the President who has himself needed legal representation after landing in hot water.

Michael Cohen, Mr. Trump’s first lawyer, ended up singing like a canary after being pursued by investigators.

Now, Rudy Giuliani is attempting to protect himself after telling journalists only last week that he had no need for legal representation.

Why does Giuliani need a lawyer?

Where do we start? Mr. Giuliani is being investigated over his business dealings in Ukraine and possible financial entanglements with alleged corrupt Ukrainian figures, according to a CNN report a few weeks ago.

The probe into Giuliani’s affairs also includes a counterintelligence element, investigating whether corrupt foreign operators were trying to take advantage of Giuliani’s business ties in Ukraine and to influence the White House.

On Wednesday, two Ukranian-American associates close to Mr. Giuliani, Lev Parnas and Igor Furman, pleaded not guilty in court to federal charges they had made illegal campaign contributions in exchange for potential influence in the United States.

Mr. Giuliani claims he had no knowledge of such contributions.

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