Trump turns remarks on ISIS leader’s death into disturbing rant, says America will take Syrian oil

In a rambling speech, President Trump patted himself on the back for the killing of the founder of ISIS, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

According to Trump, killing Baghdadi was the “the top national security priority” of his entire administration. He said that Baghdadi was a global threat “long before I took office,” a hint that the Obama administration had done nothing against the leader of ISIS.

Of course, Trump neglected to mention that the Turkish invasion of Syria that he greenlit — coupled with his betrayal of our Kurdish allies — is widely viewed as opening the door to ISIS’s re-emergence, even by Trump allies like Sen. Lindsey Graham.

Trump then tried to say that he had identified bin Laden, the leader of Al Qaeda, as a threat before 9/11. This claim was first made on his appearance on Infowars, a conspiracy website run by Alex Jones. Trump claimed that he had pointed to bin Laden as a threat in his book, written in 2000. Mother Jones found that his book did not really point to bin Laden as a threat to the United States.

But that certainly hasn’t stopped Trump from making this claim. And while Trump took most of the credit for killing Baghdadi, he had previously said that the military — and not Obama — deserved all the credit for killing bin Laden:


In his long, 40 minute ramble Sunday, Trump also said that he planned on taking oil from Syria. He repeated that he was going to keep forces in Syria to take oil.

The description of Baghdadi’s death was also somewhat gruesome and offensive. Baghdadi was not killed, per se, but rather set off a suicide vest and killed himself, along with three children. “Trump delivered his speech with such bloody glee, that clips of it could be used for any number of terrorist recruiting videos,” noted Daily Kos.

I got to watch most of it,” bragged Trump.

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