Do you have a preexisting condition? Senate GOP just voted to let insurers discriminate against you

  • 10/31/2019 9:57 am ET Dara Brewton

Senate GOP votes to allow insurers to discriminate against people with preexisting conditions

In a nearly unanimous vote on Wednesday, the Republicans in the Senate defeated the Democrats’ attempt to repeal Trump’s rule that sabotages the Affordable Care Act and allows for discrimination against people with preexisting conditions.

The Trump Administration’s rule offers taxpayer-funded subsidies for plans that don’t even meet the benefits standards, and it allows insurance companies to deny coverage for people with preexisting conditions.

The vote will likely be politically important for everyone up for election in 2020. Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) was the only Republican to break ranks with her counterparts, but it isn’t likely to help her campaigning efforts. Her vote was unnecessary this time, unlike when she voted to approve Brett Kavanaugh as a Supreme Court justice.

Trump has falsely said, “We will always protect patients with preexisting conditions.” Yet, all of the health bills his administration has endorsed offer fewer protections than those that were previously offered under the Affordable Care Act. This vote further erodes those protections.


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