Donny Deutsch says Medicare for All would turn America into ‘f***ing Denmark.’ Danish Millionaire shreds him with facts.

  • 11/01/2019 4:30 pm ET Dara Brewton

Donny Deutsch is worried that Medicare for All will turn America into “f***ing Denmark.” A Danish Millionaire clapped back and absolutely shredded him with facts.

Deutsch, who has been running his daddy’s advertising firm since 1989, was a guest on the Bill Maher show where he complained about Medicare for All:

Is Deutsch’s big problem with a single-payer system is everyone will have access to quality healthcare and not just those that can pay for it?

Several Twitter users pointed out the ridiculousness of his statements:

However, it was a Danish millionaire, Djaffar Shalchi, who really turned up the heat with his letter to Deutsch which was published at Common Dreams. He starts the piece with “Dear Mr. Deutsch,” then goes on to annihilate him with the facts about life in Denmark.

Shalchi points out that Deutsch forgot to mention that he inherited a highly profitable business from his father when he was talking about the jobs his mother and grandfather held. He goes on to explain the differences in the state of healthcare between the two countries:

“In f***ing Denmark, we spend almost half as much per capita on healthcare as the United States. Despite our lower levels of spending, our life expectancy is higher, our infant mortality is lower, and our overall health is much better than the United States. In f***ing Denmark, we deliver high-quality, universal healthcare to each and every citizen, unlike in the United States, which offers for profit ‘consumer choice’ system that leaves millions of your people ‘choosing’ to be uninsured and hundred of thousands of others ‘choosing’ to be both insured and bankrupt.”

(Denmark spends a little over $5,000 per person while in the U.S the amount is $10,209. Average life expectancy in Denmark is 80.7 years, while those in the United States average about 78 years and 7 months. Infant mortality rate in Denmark is 3.8 deaths per 1,000 births. U.S. is 5.8 deaths per 1,000 births.)

He doesn’t stop there however, Shalchi also talks about how Denmark and its social programs allowed him to become the success that he is today:

“You say that your family worked hard to put you in your position — so did mine. I was born in Iran in 1961. My family moved to f***ing Denmark when I was a child, after a series of rejected immigration applications, forced separations, and the turmoil in my birth country pushed my family to our limits. I finished my education here, married a beautiful Danish girl and had two amazing children, and built my fortune as a self-employed entrepreneur. I am now a multi-millionaire like you!

While your good fortune began with your father’s success, I credit my good fortune to f***ing Denmark and its robust, inclusive social system that values equality and opportunity for everyone. Unlike the United States, my country has embraced an advanced social tax system that requires people like me to pay substantial and increasingly “progressive” levels of tax. The people of f***ing Denmark use these funds to invest in the people of f***ing Denmark. Our tax revenues give everyone health care, education and a strong social support system, among other things.”

Shalchi doesn’t just slam the clueless American millionaire, he also offers to show him the light. He extends the olive branch in the form of an official invite to “f***ing Denmark.”

“If you are available to travel to Copenhagen from December 8–10, you will also have the chance to meet a group of American millionaires who have a very different view of things than you do. The Patriotic Millionaires will be joining me to discuss setting up a global network of millionaires who want to include everyone in the bright future ahead. Like me, they are pleased to invest in programs that help everyone — our children, our children’s children, even someone else’s children.”

Perhaps, Deutsch will take him up on his offer “find a way to use your immense privilege and national platform to help your country become just a bit more like f***ing Denmark.”

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