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Last black GOP House Member says the party is going extinct

11/04/2019 5:06 am ET Sunny Hundal
The last GOP black Republican says the party is going extinct

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Texas Republican Will Hurd has a simple message for his party: if it doesn’t start to look more like the rest of the country then it will go extinct.

And right now there’s little chance of the GOP diversifying or reaching non-white voters with Trump as leader.

In 2018, around 70% of Latinx voters opted for a Democrat, while 9 in 10 African Americans voted for a Democrat. Those numbers don’t seem to be changing for 2020.

That spells extinctions, says Rep. Will Hurd, currently the only black Republican representative in Congress. In an interview with Axios, he said:

“I do believe that if the Republican Party doesn’t start looking like the rest of the country, there won’t be a Republican Party in this country. But we know where the trends are going, and we know what we need to do.”

“Minorities, people under the age of 29, and women with a college degree in the suburbs are not choosing the Republican Party. So that’s the reality of what we have to do in Texas. And I think I’ve been the vanguard in this fight by showing how to win one of the, if not the, most competitive seat in the United States of America, a 71% Latino district.”

Moreover, Rep. Hurd is retiring in 2020, which will leave the GOP without a single black Representative in Congress.


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