Right-wing gleefully says au-revoir to a livable climate and Paris deal

  • 11/05/2019 12:18 pm ET Molly Taft

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The Trump administration on Monday initiated the process to withdraw the United States from the Paris Agreement by formally submitting a letter to the UN.

In the Paris deal, literally every major country in the world came together with detailed plans to cut carbon pollution and save the climate. Abandoning the deal makes the U.S. a pariah nation hell-bent on destroying a livable climate for billions.

But the right-wing media is just calling it “another campaign promise kept.”

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced the move on Twitter:

This puts the US on track to officially stop being a party to the Paris Agreement on November 4th, 2020—one day after the US general election. The decision was met by a loud chorus of disapproval from members of Congress, governors, mayors, and private sector leaders, among others, who called the decision bad for America’s economy, health and security.

Trump and the lemmings in his base view the accord as another thing holding America back from greatness:

It is not surprising that Trump doesn’t care about the Paris Climate Accord. He has been very explicit in his feelings about the Climate Crisis as a whole. He has done everything from calling it a hoax on Twitter to sitting out of climate meetings at the G7.

Diplomats from other countries worry that his anti-climate feelings will cause him to work against any efforts made globally. France’s climate change ambassador Laurence Tubiana expressed concerns about the United States saying, “We are preparing a Plan B.”

All hope is not lost, however, because not everyone is in like minds with the right-wing Trump base. American leaders committed to upholding the Paris Agreement have now increased to represent two-thirds of the US economy—the second largest economy in the world—and will be represented at this year’s UN climate talks in Madrid.

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