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Fox News runs totally bogus ‘political correctness’ smear of Obama. So Twitter has a field day.

11/07/2019 7:35 am ET Sunny Hundal
Fox News created an entire bogus story about 'political correctness' under Obama

Flickr/ Obama White House

On Wednesday Fox News published a story on its website titled: ‘CIA staff complained about Obama White House’s political correctness, new book claims’.

But the story was completely bogus. Here’s why.

The ‘political correctness’ claims come from this excerpt:

“Next thing they said was that, in the previous administration, they spent a lot of time in the White House doing nonstop PC [political correctness] meetings.”

That’s it. That’s the entire claim.

A few hours later it turned out PC did not even mean political correctness!

It means ‘principles committee’ — the group of top officials who prepare advice for the president.

Fox News was forced to issue an embarrassing correction at the top of the article:

EDITOR’S NOTE: An earlier version of this story accurately quoted the book as describing “PC” as standing for “politically correct” in characterizing certain Obama administration meetings. The author has since informed Fox News this was due to a misunderstanding between him and his source and that the initials referred to “Principals Committee.”

Twitter users couldn’t stop laughing

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