A Democratic surge in early voting has GOP terrified they could lose the LA Governor’s race this Saturday

  • 11/14/2019 8:52 am ET Sunny Hundal

Republicans are terrified they might lose the Louisiana Gov race too

Another big contest is starting to look like trouble for President Trump and the Republicans.

The race for the Governor of Louisiana, a state Trump won by 20 points, is staying uncomfortably close for Republicans due to the popularity of the Democrat incumbent: John Bel Edwards. The final runoff vote is scheduled for Saturday.

Why is the GOP terrified?

Polls have shown the Democrat slightly ahead of his Republican opponent, Eddie Rispone, despite Trump campaigning for him.

The alarm bells started ringing when Democrats turned out in large numbers during early voting, according to Politico.

African Americans accounted for 31 percent of early voters in the runoff, an increase from 25 percent during the first round of voting in October, in which candidates from all parties competed with the top two advancing. Democrats accounted for 46 percent of early runoff voters, up from 44 percent in the primary.

The GOP is hoping more rural voters will turn out on election day—which is this Saturday—but this may not work out as planned.

What are they doing?

The RNC is pouring another $1 million into the race, having already spent a significant amount.

Trump is also planning more rallies, including one for the Republican candidate Rispone in Louisiana on Thursday. Mike Pence will head there on Friday.

After their embarrassing loss in Kentucky last week, this race looks even more vital for the GOP. But it may already be too late.

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