‘Trump is losing bigly’: 70% of Americans think his ‘actions were wrong’ in Ukraine fiasco, new poll finds

  • 11/18/2019 9:39 am ET Sunny Hundal

A new survey of American public opinion has found a slim majority of Americans, 51%, think President Trump should be impeached and removed from office.

But a far bigger majority of Americans, 70%, say it was wrong for Trump to ask a foreign leader to investigate his political rival, Joe Biden.

The findings were released by ABC News this morning, in a survey conducted by Ipsos-Mori.

More big findings

58% of those surveyed said they were following impeachment hearings closely with 21% following “very closely.” After the initial week of public hearings, 21% of those surveyed say they have already made up their minds. Of hose already decided on the matter, 60% think it is time for Trump to be removed from office.

An underwhelming 19% think Trump’s actions were wrong, but do not think he should be removed from office. Some in that camp also think he shouldn’t even be impeached at all. 25% of those polled think that Trump did nothing wrong.



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