‘Disingenuous and irrational’: Local newspaper that endorsed GOP Rep. Stefanik now slams her

Last week, Republican Rep. Elise Stefanik became an overnight GOP star after she went out to bat for President Trump at the impeachment inquiry.

Even the President praised her on Twitter, call her a “new Republican Star.”

But the Rep. from New York is now facing problems at home. Last week her 2020 Democratic opponent, Tedra Cobb, said she had raised $1 million since Friday’s hearing.

Now her local newspaper has published a brutal editorial slamming her stance.

Despite her inexperience and the occasional attack of nerves, she won the election and seemed to be working hard in Washington. In 2016, The Post-Star supported her for re-election. …

Things have changed for Stefanik, who now embraces a bad president to safeguard her job. She no longer gets flustered by tough questions — mostly, she doesn’t give anyone the chance to ask them. Instead, she parrots the Trump line on Fox News and lets her attack-dog spokesman argue with reporters on Twitter. …

The Post-Star concluded:

In a different time, she could have grown into a position of power and respect; instead, she is another Trump acolyte, tossing buzzwords to the mob and crying “fake news” at every fact she wishes would go away.

It’s not too late for her to choose honesty and honor. But we fear that won’t happen, because she has been going the opposite way, becoming more partisan, more disingenuous and irrational.


You can help Tedra Cobb’s campaign from here.

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