Trump is traveling with the White House doctor. Twitter has theories.

  • 11/21/2019 11:26 am ET Dara Brewton
Trump is traveling with the White House Doctor. Twitter wants to know why

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Trump landed in Austin on Wednesday for his sixth public visit to Texas of the year. Although, there was one person included on this particular trip that sparked a lot of interest online: the White House physician.

The President’s trip to the lone star state was brief and centered on a tour of an Apple manufacturing plant. According to The Texas Tribune, Trump landed around 2 pm and was headed back to the airport by 3 pm.

The briefness of the visit aside, most people focused on the fact that the doctor was in attendance—especially since Trump made an unexpected visit to Walter Reed National Medical Center less than a week ago. The official word is the hospital trip was for “routine medical tests,” but that is not widely believed.

Twitter has plenty of guesses as to why Trump traveled to Texas with a physician:

According to Trump, his health is “very good (great!).”

It is unlikely that the current administration will be very forthcoming with any details about the true reason for the hospital visit or the physician’s presence in Texas.

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