Yes, the GOP manipulated Trump Jr’s book to #1 on bestseller list with $100,000 in bulk purchases

  • 11/22/2019 8:53 am ET Sunny Hundal
The GOP admits it spent over 100K on pre-orders for Trump Jr's book

Screenshot / Fox News

New details confirm that a key reason Donald Trump Jr.’s new book, “Triggered,” debuted at number one on the NY Times bestselling list was a bulk purchase from the Republican National Committee

As Front Page Live reported last week that “like his father before him, Trump Jr. and the RNC appear to have manipulated the numbers and sales in his favor by buying bulk orders of the book in order to boost sales.”

Now we know that’s just what happened. The RNC paid nearly $100,000 to the bookseller chain Books-A-Million on Oct. 29, a week before the book went on sale, according to a filing to the Federal Election Commission, the New York Times reports.

The RNC also emailed supporters the day the book came out, asking them to purchase signed copies through the RNC as a fundraising tactic.


But the RNC denies buying in bulk to boost Trump Jr’s spot on the bestseller list, saying it was “ordering copies to keep up with demand.”

After the Times asked about the filing showing bulk purchases, a spokesperson said: “We stand by our statement.”

Donald Trump did the same thing some three decades ago. The Guardian has noted that Trump ordered his staff to buy “thousands of copies” of The Art of the Deal in order to inflate its popularity

Like father, like son. It’s all a con.

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