‘I have insurance’: Rudy just blackmailed Trump on Fox News not to ‘throw me under the bus’ on Ukraine

  • 11/23/2019 3:40 pm ET Dara Brewton

Screenshot/ Fox News

Rudy Giuliani says he has “insurance” that will keep him from being indicted in the Ukraine scandal.

During an interview with Ed Henry on Fox News, the President’s personal lawyer basically admitted he would resort to blackmail if Trump attempted to “throw me under the bus.”

This isn’t the first time Giuliani has brought up his “insurance” policy. In a Guardian interview, he when he was asked a similar question about being thrown under the bus, he responded:

“I’m not, but I do have very, very good insurance, so if he does, all my hospital bills will be paid.”

Giuliani’s own lawyer was on the line at the time and immediately interjected, “He’s joking.”



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