Utah teacher shames 5th grader who’s thankful for his ‘two dads’—but she gets escorted out and fired after students speak up

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A fifth-grade boy in Utah told his class that he was thankful to be adopted by his two dads.

The substitute teacher present that day disagreed with him. But she was the one who ended up being thrown out of school and fired.

“I’m thankful that I’m finally going to be adopted by my two dads,” the boy told the class. “Why on earth would you be happy about that?” the teacher snapped at him.

According to the Salt Lake Tribune, the teacher launched into a ten-minute lecture. She told her class that “homosexuality is wrong” and “two men living together is a sin.” After the lecture, she looked at the 11-year-old boy, and told him “That’s nothing to be thankful for.”

Three of the boy’s classmates, all girls, decided that they would not let this incident go. When they realized they couldn’t stop the lecture, they went to the principal’s office, according to the Washington Post.

Louis van Amstel, one of the boy’s fathers, told the Post, “The girls thought it was wrong, and they wanted to protect him and us.” He said that the substitute teacher was escorted from the school almost immediately, blaming the boy the entire time.

The teacher was fired, according to Newsweek. “I am so proud of [the boy’s] school, not only did they let go of the teacher they said this woman is never going to teach in the school ever again,” said van Amstel in a Facebook video.

| PLEASE READ THIS |When our son Daniel answered the substitute teachers question ‘What are you thankful for’ with: ‘I’m thankful for finally being adopted by my two dads’. The teacher went onto sharing her own views on Homosexuality and that it’s wrong. Three girls asked her multiple times to stop. When she didn’t they went to the principles office to complain.I’m proud of those three girls and Daniel’s school for standing up for our family against this bully. I’m truly disgusted that the bully in this situation is a teacher in a public school.#equalrights #allfamilies #allfamiliesmatter

Posted by Louis Van Amstel on Friday, November 22, 2019

Van Amstel said the boy didn’t tell them what happened initially. He had feared that the adoption wouldn’t happen because he had come so close to being adopted in the past several times.

A day after the incident, neighbors stuck heart-shaped notes to the couple’s driveway and entryways to make them feel loved.

“We both cried like babies,” said van Amstel.

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