‘The entire GOP is a Russian asset’: Financial Times editor rips Republicans for parroting Putin on Ukraine

  • 12/02/2019 10:49 am ET Dara Brewton
Ex-GOP Rep: 'they’ve actually turned themselves into being Russian assets'

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Ex-GOP Representative Joe Scarborough, host of “Morning Joe” on MSNBC, does not mince words when it comes to the Trump-defending Republicans that are pushing “active propaganda.” In his first show after the holiday weekend, Scarborough called them out as “Russian assets.”

He pointed a finger at Senator Kennedy (R-LA) in particular:

“This is what’s so damning. Those Russian propaganda talking points have already been knocked down and discredited by the United States’ 17 intel agencies. and the United States Senate got a briefing from the intel community to tell them specifically that what John Kennedy—what Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana—said yesterday on ‘Meet the Press’ was not only a lie, but that it was active Russian propaganda and had warned the senators that the Russians had been pushing this propaganda line for years.”

Scarborough goes on to call out all of the Republicans that are still repeating those Russian propaganda talking points, calling them “Russian assets”:

“If you haven’t been paying much attention over the past week because of the holidays, it’s important to understand you saw two — two really moving, important weeks of testimony and now the Republicans are coming back, they still have no defense, and they’re actually reduced now — they’re doing nothing but repeating Russia propaganda points. As somebody said yesterday, if they do that, knowing the 17 intel agencies told them it was a lie and being warned in the United States Senate, then actually they’re not ignorant, that they’ve actually turned themselves into being Russian assets — that’s where we are as a nation.”

Later in the show, Scarborough was joined by Financial Times national editor Edward Luce. They both proceeded to mock various Republicans for their obvious subservience to Trump.

Scarborough noted that House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy once admitted to believing Putin pays Trump. Luce responded: “to essentially say that he’s a Russian asset is therefore now, if you extrapolate from Kevin McCarthy’s words, to say that the entire GOP is a Russian asset.”

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