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Infowars ex-editor confesses, ‘We made it up’

12/06/2019 12:16 pm ET Dara Brewton
Ex-Infowars editor admits 'We made it up'

Screenshot / YouTube

Josh Owens, a former video editor for Infowars admits that they fabricated stories about the Muslim community in order to prop up conspiracies made up by Alex Jones, the show’s host.

In the recent essay written for the New York Times, Owens describes his years spent working for the show, and how they made up facts to push Jones’ narratives.

“We ignored certain facts, fabricated others and took situations out of context to fit our narrative.”

For instance, Owens was sent to Islamberg, a rural Muslim community in upstate New York. The goal was to investigate what Jones called the “American Caliphate.” What Owens and the reporter that accompanied him found was a “kind, generous” community.

Yet, that didn’t stop Infowars from framing it as a “terror cell.”

Owens admits regret for his time spent helping Jones create conspiracy stories about Sandy Hook and Barrack Obama. “And for what?” He asks, “Clickbait headlines, YouTube views?”

The craziness wasn’t limited to the false narratives. Owens also describes the often erratic and violent behavior exhibited by Alex Jones:

“The blinds stuck, so he ripped them off the wall. A water cooler had mold in it, so he grabbed a large knife, stabbed the plastic base wildly and smashed it on the ground. Once a co-worker stopped by the office with a pet fish he was taking home to his niece. It swam in circles in a small, transparent bag. When Jones saw the bag balanced upright on a desk in the conference room, he emptied it into a garbage can. On one occasion, he threated to send out a memo banning laughter in the office.’ We’re in a war,’ he said, and he wanted people to act accordingly.”

The former employee also discusses an incident were Jones “accidentally fired” an AR-15 in his direction. Jones called it “a joke.”

According to the piece, after Owens quit—taking a 75% pay cut—Jones called asking him to come back to Infowars. Owens claims Jones told him a “little secret” during that phone call. “I don’t want to do it anymore…I haven’t wanted to do this for five years, man.”


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