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Ryan Reynolds ad hilariously fires back at ‘sexist and dystopian’ Peloton ad

12/07/2019 1:42 pm ET

Actor Ryan Reynolds created the perfect response to the Peloton ad. The star used it as a commercial for his own product, Aviation Gin.

“You’re safe here,” two women tell the actress who played the wife in the original Peloton ad, Monica Ruiz. She responds by lifting her glass and saying, “To new beginnings.” Reynolds posted the ad to his Twitter feed, with the caption, “Exercise bike not included.”

One Twitter user noted that Ruiz’s character was no longer wearing her wedding ring.

Meanwhile, Peloton’s exercise bike lost $1.5 billion in value after it was slammed for depicting a husband who buys his wife an exercise bike for Christmas. In a rush to do damage control, Peloton turned off the comments on the ad on YouTube.

But the company refuses to apologize for its portrayal of the patriarchy. It told CBS that it was “encouraged by — and grateful for — the outpouring of support” it received despite the ad’s viral nature.

One Twitter user said, “Just wanted to make that clear. I’m exactly the target demo & I agree w/you all that this is the beginning of a Black Mirror episode.”

Actress Blake Lively, Reynolds’ wife, told Glamour that Reynolds discouraged calling his daughters “bossy.” She said, “My husband said, ‘I don’t ever want to use that word again. You’ve never heard a man called bossy.’ There would never be any negative connotation for a man being a boss, so to add a negative connotation on a woman being bossy? It’s belittling. And it doesn’t encourage them to be a boss.”

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