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Chinese diplomats take to Twitter to trash talk Trump

12/08/2019 1:04 pm ET
Chinese diplomats take to Twitter to mock and dis Trump's America

Credit: CBS

Chinese diplomats are taking a page out of Trump’s book and delivering brutal commentary about him and what he is doing to America on their Twitter accounts.

Trump has delivered some mean tweets towards China himself, saying, “We don’t need China, and frankly, would be far better off without them.”

But recently, Chinese diplomat Lijian Zhao has fired back. In one tweet, he said, “Although China is not rich, we can buy US a mirror. However, I hope US may not look at it before going to bed, otherwise it may suffer from nightmares.”

While the language is often couched in terms that don’t directly attack Trump, it’s clear this twitter onslaught is in direct response to Trump’s trash-talking China.

For instance, one Zhao tweet about “Racial discrimination, gun violence” in America asserts, “there is no hope of solving them in the context of social & political polarization in US.” It is pretty obvious who Zhao is dissing here.

China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi told his diplomats to have a “fighting spirit” on Twitter. While the social media platform is ironically banned in China, government officials with access have no problem dunking on some of the practices in America.

Pakistan embassy secretary Wang XianFeng tweeted, “The police of the world, the US #HumanRights conditions: the black Americans are violently treated by white policemen.”

China is a repressive dictatorship, with cruel treatment of the Muslim Uighurs in western China and a violent response to the riots in Hong Kong.

But whatever is the best strategy for engaging with China on human rights, it certainly does not revolve around crude public tweets by any President, let alone one as ignorant and mean-spirited as Donald Trump.

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