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Trump: Ivanka created 14 million jobs. Reality: Would you believe ZERO?

12/12/2019 3:49 pm ET Dara Brewton
Trump falsely claims that Ivanka created 14 million jobs. Again.

Screenshot / Twitter

In a speech on Thursday morning, President Trump once again made the false claim that his daughter Ivanka has created 14 million U.S. jobs.

Trump stepped away from his very busy day of tweeting—by the time of the speech, he had already tweeted and retweeted 90 times—to congratulate his daughter on the amazing and fictional accomplishment of creating millions of American jobs.

It is the same claim that he made in November at a speech for the Economic Club of New York where he touted her “Pledge to America’s Workers” initiative:

Since Trump took over the Oval Office, there have only been about six million jobs created according to Forbes. It is unlikely that Ivanka had much of a hand in creating any of those six million either.

The Intelligencer reported on this false claim the last time Trump made it, pointing out that the First Daughter’s initiative was slim on details or actual policy. It appears to rely on CEOs making promises to offer training programs and hire an arbitrary amount of people.

“Last October, Ivanka claimed this initiative had created 6.3 million jobs. Lydia DePillis interviewed some of the companies that contributed to this number, and several admitted they had simply credited all real (or, in some cases, hypothetical) job openings to the Ivanka initiative.”

Good job, Ivanka? 

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