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‘Walking away from your constituents’: Watch GOP Sen. Martha McSally ignore veterans

12/14/2019 3:12 pm ET

‘Walking away from your constituents’: Watch GOP Sen. Martha McSally ignore veterans 1

Republican senator Martha McSally, the replacement for the late senator John McCain, is not interested in hearing the opinions of the people she claims to represent, specifically veterans.

“Do you have a minute to speak with some veterans?? In a video released by Defend American Democracy, military veterans tried to have a conversation with McSally about impeachment. She answered, “Yeah, sorry, I got to head. . .? she replied, picking up her phone and ignoring them.

“We really just want to have a conversation with you,? said one of the veterans. “It’s really important to us when Lieutenant Colonel Vindman is under attack for his service.? Previously, McSally claimed she would be open to Trump’s impeachment, but now it seems she is following the trail blazed by Mitch McConnell.

“You’re walking away from your constituents,? they told her. “Donald Trump is violating the oath that he swore, that we swore.?

McSally, a veteran herself, has been vocal about military issues in the Senate and has taken the role of watchdog of military families.  During an Armed Services Committee hearing earlier in December,  she criticized the Hunt Company,  one of the “five leading developers of privatized housing projects.” as “slumlords,? yet she accepted $12,000 in campaign donations from the company anyway, despite their abuse of military families. Her reelection campaign is also not doing very well. She trails opponent and astronaut Mark Kelly by five points in the latest Arizona poll.

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