GOP senators admit they don’t want to work with Democrats to cut drug prices

  • 12/16/2019 9:16 am ET Sunny Hundal
Republicans embrace Big Pharma over lower drug prices after Democrats pass bill

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Democrats are setting the stage up for their next big fight after impeachment. One that will have far more public support.

On Thursday, it went barely noticed that Democrats had passed a huge bill to lower drug prices for ordinary Americans, in their fight against Big Pharma.

The bill would allow the government to negotiate lower prices for prescription drugs, potentially saving many Americans hundreds of dollars a month. House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD) said:

“House Democrats campaigned on the pledge to bring down the skyrocketing prices of prescription drugs and level the playing field for American patients who are paying far more for their medicines than patients are charged in other countries. I’m very proud we delivered on that pledge.”

Republicans had promised to do the same for years but never took action.

And now they’re stuck

The Republican dilemma

The bill passed on Thursday largely along party lines: 230-192.

On Thursday Republicans said the bill was ‘dead on arrival’ and would never pass the Senate. Now they’re not so sure.

Lindsay Graham told Politico on Monday:

“We’re not divided on if we should do something [on lowering drug prices]. We’re divided over what we should do. And I don’t think either of us as a party can walk away and end up doing nothing.”

But Republicans are too close to Big Pharma, as Politico points out.

And now that their bluff has been called, and Democrats are planning to highlight this issue in the coming election, it may prove to be a huge headache for GOP candidates.


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