Trump turns Pentagon into ghost town: 5 top Defense Dept. officials resigned in the last week alone!

  • 12/19/2019 6:45 am ET Sneha Konda

Tina Kaidanow has stepped down from her position as senior adviser for international cooperation.

This came to light on Wednesday and has raised eyebrows as she is the fifth top official to leave or announce that they are departing from the Pentagon in the last week alone, as Defense News reported.

Ambassador Kaidanow reportedly resigned from her role on December 16.

Michael Vaccaro, the current director for international armaments cooperation, will become the acting senior adviser after Kaidanow’s departure.

The Ambassador has been a longtime official of the State Department. She has worked closely with foreign allies over weapon deals.  Plus, the 54-year-old was also the go-to person for communications between Defense and State departments.

Kaidanow was also an important cog in a policy under President Trump that worked to push American weapon sales overseas, the report says.

A DOD spokesperson told The Hill that she was “appreciated” and that he “wished her well.”

This news comes in the light of other recent departures from the Pentagon at a time when Trump’s impeachment is a hot topic.

This week, top Asia policy official Randall Schriver announced he’d be leaving.

A day later, a top Pentagon exec in charge of personnel and readiness, Jimmy Stewart, announced that he was retiring from service.

Then, Steven Walker, the head of Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency said he’s taking an “industry” job in January. In addition, Keri Bingen, principal deputy undersecretary of defense for intelligence will resign that same week too.

Why Is Everyone Leaving?

Each of the officials vacating the Pentagon has a stated reason for their departure, but the loss of five top execs in a single week has many people speculating.

It is no secret that there has been contention between the current Commander in Chief and those serving in the U.S. armed forces. One has to look no further than the words of recently ousted Navy Secretary Richard Spencer to catch a glimpse of the discontent.

Trump has dishonored the nation’s soldiers repeatedly since taking the helm. He sent soldiers to guard the southern border against unarmed refugees. He has bragged about turning American troops into for-hire mercenaries, and he has pardoned soldiers convicted of war crimes.

The President has even betrayed our allies the Syrian Kurds—stepping aside while they are ethnically cleansed by Erdogan—in order to protect his properties in Turkey.

Trump has insulted POWs and gold star families. He has attacked decorated veterans and his own generals.

Is it any wonder that there has been a mass exodus that has turned the Pentagon into a ghost town?


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