Trump USDA adds Wakanda as a free trade partner on govt website. Twitter goes wild.

  • 12/19/2019 12:24 pm ET Dara Brewton

Wakanda forever? Trump administration adds fictional nation as a free trade partner on govt website

Trump’s trade policy is a real marvel.

This week, it was discovered that the fictional East African nation of Wakanda was added and then later removed from the USDA website. Wakanda is the home of Marvel superhero Black Panther.

The imaginary country had “hundreds of data inputs” and there were drop-down menus that listed its “different commodity groups.”

“Yellow potatoes had to maintain a ‘0.5 cent/kg’ base rate when shipped in from the fictional East African nation, while frozen Chinese water chestnuts were tariff free if the U.S. decided to import them from Wakanda. Cows were also tariff free.”

The Trump administration shrugged off the mistake saying Wakanda’s trade information was part of a “test file.” According to a USDA spokesperson, “The Wakanda information should have been removed after testing and has now been taken down.”

The Wakanda snafu didn’t go unnoticed by Twitter who found the incident quite amusing.

Even the Department of Agriculture joined in on the fun…

Hopefully, King T’Challa won’t take offense to no longer being free trade partners…

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